11-13 October 2016: 20th λμ Congress, Saint Malo


The 20th LambdaMu Symposium «Risks management in a changing world», organised by the Institute of Risk Management, will take place from 10/11/2016 to 10/13/2016 in Saint Malo (France).

The aircraft manufacturer AIRBUS and the major French energy company EDF will share their experiences on the use of NLP (Natural Language Processing) products :

  • D.CARAYON (AIRBUS) : How to check and bring procedural texts into conformity with isChecker.
  • E.VASSEUR, Z. CHAMI (EDF) : How to categorize incident reports thanks to PLUS.

Meet also our linguists and NLP experts from Safety-Data , C. RAYNAL, V. ANDREANI and E. HERMANN.

For further information, please visit the IMdR web site.