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Safety Data possède ses bureaux à Toulouse

Safety Data Analysis Services is a registered trademark of the company Conseil en Facteurs Humains (CFH) founded by Michel Mazeau and Eric Hermann in January 2000, after having worked together for many years in other companies.

CFH is specialised in the safety, the ergonomics and the continual improvement of processes, and the support of companies facing changes due to reorganisation or the introduction of new technologies.

Over time, problems related to language, processing texts and exploiting the increasing amount of textual data led to the creation of a specialised department within CFH. A brand name dedicated to the NLP activities was created in 2010: Safety Data Analysis.

Safety Data creates tools which enable to improve the safety, security, and company performance using computational linguistic technology and its skills in Human Factors and systems for safety management. The team in charge of these activities is composed of PhD and engineers specialising in linguistics and computer sciences.