Safety Data

Textual data experts for risky environments

From where do we hail?

When founded, Safety Data was the subsidiary of a consulting firm specializing in ergonomy and continuous process improvements in risk-prone environments. Issues tied to language, to texts present in organizations and to the exploitation of textual data have become an integral part of projects in which we’re involved. It is in this context that linguistic activity came into being and that the two software solutions proposed by Safety Data, PLUS and isChecker, were developed thanks to experts in linguistics, NLP and IT.

In 2019, Safety Data joined the OmniContact Group. Entities of OmniContact Group propose solutions around data valorization to a clientele of mid-to large-size B2B companies. The Group’s vision is founded on two observations: data are often underutilized in professional environments, and these data, ever increasing in volume (and almost overwhelming), can be anxiety-provoking and the source of poor interpretations and risks.

How have we evolved?

Today, the team is composed of multi-disciplinary doctors and engineers: Linguistics, Natural Language Processing, IT and Industrial ergonomy.

This interdisciplinarity and specific, complementary know-how underlie the Safety Data team’s curiosity, dynamism and engagement.

Coming from the consulting world, the team especially values the development of software that responds as closely as possible to the expressed need. PLUS, like isChecker, readily adapts to the customer’s context. A good tool is a tool that is used and responds to that which is expected of it! That’s why, whether implementing one of our software solutions or assisting customers through the delivery of consulting services, we pay particular attention to listening, to analyzing the requirement and to exchanging ideas both with the customer and within the team.