With digital development and limitless or quasi limitless storage possibilities, companies today are facing an ever increasing volume of available data. Data collection is no longer the problem; The stakes now concern the ability to exploit these data.

Our experts in linguistics and Natural Language Processing assist companies in understanding, exploring and exploiting their textual data.

We propose a palette of custom services based on client needs. Each request is studied and discussed with the client in order to understand fully the requirements and to respond as efficiently, effectively and pertinently as possible.


Thematic audit

We help you to detect, semi-automatically, the principal themes contained in your document databases and their actual presence in each document.

Targeted identification of known issues

Sometimes known problems exist but cannot be identified exhaustively by hand. After a detailed analysis of the need, we perform a detection or even an automatic extraction of these phenomena, in as precise and pertinent a way as possible, in order to help the experts to quantify the existing situation and to measure its impact.

Linguistic assessment

We help you to characterize your textual databases by conducting a detailed linguistic analysis followed by a qualitative and quantitative audit. We also make recommendations regarding processes and treatments that could be implemented in order to leverage available texts.

Technical documentation: audit and assistance

We conduct an assessment of document life-cycle with your technical documentation experts as well as an analysis of this check-up in order to propose avenues of improvement and editorial optimization. We help you implement recommended measures.