Instruction Sheets Checker

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Much more than a simple verifier

A poorly edited technical document or an incoherent corpus may be poorly interpreted leading to a risk – human, industrial, material, economic – when it’s used. Using NLP technology (linguistic and IT), IsChecker helps you improve the reliability of these documents. From norms (international or your own), isChecker analyzes each document taking into account its editorial context and usage, and detects any and all problematic elements relative to the norms. Different types of verification are possible: syntactic, lexical and semantic verifications as well as structural and format verifications.
  • Documents: procedures, instruction booklets, technical notes, RFP

  • Document language: English and/or French

  • Norms: international (STE, GIFAS) or Client-specific

  • Integration: API that can be integrated into your editing tool


Ensure editorial consistency and conformity

Thanks to its analysis engine, isChecker is able to verify that the rules imposed by your editorial norm are, in fact, respected. If this is not the case, isChecker detects any differences so that you can easily correct them and thereby insure the homogeneity of your documentation.

Simplify the life-cycle of your documents

By verifying your documents from the moment of their creation as well as relying on isChecker’s analytical reports, you can significantly reduce the necessary steps for their validation while promoting skills improvement of your editors.

Automate content verification

The editorial verification of standardized documents requires expertise, concentration and rigor. By signaling any and all differences from the prescribed norm, isChecker relieves your experts who can then concentrate on the document’s actual conformity.

Quickly treat the entirety of your documents

In the face of a huge quantity of procedures, it is humanly impossible to perform a detailed and exhaustive verification. With isChecker, you can verify the totality of your documentation and thus ensure a high-quality, thorough follow-up.


Just a simple request and we’ll give you access to a demonstration version of isChecker.